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Damion Rutherford
- President

Damion is the founder and president of Performance Yellow. Damion has personally generated over $70,000,000 in revenue in the basement waterproofing and foundation repair industries.

"More Than Just A Marketing Machine"

Damion was also a key component in the development of a business management software for contractors in the industry. This gave him the opportunity to coach over 70 contractors in all aspects of business, from marketing, to Sales, Production, and Profitability.

This experience has developed Damion into a true leader in the industry. His passion for results, and never-ending drive to succeed make him a powerful resource for your business.


Keep 'Em Coming!
We sold one of your leads last night, and we've got another good one going out tomorrow. Thank you - keep 'em coming!
Strong Work Ethic
Most people and companies have time for you only during the sales process... it is nice to know that old fashion values, and a strong work ethic hasn't gone away.
A+ Guy
I cant say enough about the work ethic, the professionalism and the overall service he and his team provide. A+ guy!

our work team

Amy Stotler
Amy is the business manager for Performance Yellow. She handles the day-to-day operations of the business, manages delivery to our clients, and helps negotiate additional marketing opportunities for our clients to gain exposure and phone calls. She was an intricate part in partnering Performance Yellow with many local information sites.
Tiffany Nines
Tiffany is the operations manager for our call center. She brings 8 years experience in call center management to our team. This knowledge helps us hire great agents, train them thoroughly, make them accountable for quality, and deliver efficiency in our prospect screening process.
Julia Anderson
Julie is our "go-to grunt". Any time-consuming task that requires focus and accuracy... Julie gets it done. Most recently, she has taken over our "Social Media Introductions" work.
We're Hiring!
Have a passion for success? Background in performance-based marketing? Contact us! We're always looking for the right person to add to our team.

Meet The Call Center Staff

The agents who transfer prospects to your business are seasoned, experienced, and efficient.
Our average agent has 3-5 years experience working in a call center.
They're here to capture leads for you, pre-screen them for quality, and get them to your office to schedule an estimate!

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Our unique 3-step marketing program brings pre-screened, exclusive prospects to you by phone.

If you're in the basement waterproofing or foundation repair industry, this program is a perfect fit for your business.
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Wouldn't it be nice if the marketing company took the risks, instead of you? Wouldn't it be nice if they were paid on performance, and not upfront?

Everybody's got a story... and so do we. Here's 8 reasons our story makes sense for your business.
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Hearing is believing. These are the leads waterproofing/foundation repair contractors want.

Listen to live examples of the leads we generate. Determine for yourself if these leads are a good match for your business.
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